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A Soldier's Rosary

Lyrics by J.E. DEMPSEY



A mother's last words to every soldier

"kneel down at night and say your prayers."

But he's so weary,

Thro'days so dreary,

After all his trials and cares,

Don't worry mother,

He serves his Maker

when he serves his country's needs.

No matter where

each act is a prayer

and they form the links

upon a soldier's beads.


When bells are tolling Our hearts consoling

we seek the chapel o'er the way

When cannons thunder

Would we I wonder,

Ever take the time to pray,

The foe before him,

No shelter o'er him

over head the cold stars shine.

His Maker knows

as onward he goes

that his pray'r is better far

than yours or mine.


For his thoughts keep turning homeward

and their pray'rs come drifting back

that's his chaplet and his guide to victory,

But bullets are his beads

and on his knees he pleads

that each one will help to end the misery,

Ev'ry shot a pearl,

each pearl a pray'r

he fights untill he falls,

Lost in action comes the message o'er the sea.

And while the nation mourns his loss

his dear old mother bears the cross

that's a soldier's rosary.

Copyright 1918 by A.J. Stasny Music Co., 56 W. 45th St.N.Y.

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