Our Story
The Original Plan was to make one rosary for my sister, using our mother's costume jewelery. 
In 2001, Mom passed away. 
While going through her effects, I offered to make a rosary for my sister. 
She thought it was a good idea, but I had one small problem; I didn't know how to make one. 
So, I learned. 
Actually, I 'made' and remade my first rosary many, many times. 
It just never seemed to be right. 
We were very close to our mother and this became a labor of love. 
When it was finally completed, I had it blessed and sent it to my sister. 
She was thrilled. 
Encouraged by this success, I began making them for friends and close relatives. 
When my mother's costume jewelery ran
out, I scoured second hand stores and
bargain sections of department stores
for more beads.  
As time progressed, I settled on making corded rosaries. 
I still made ones with bent wire, but the
corded ones seemed more natural to me. 
I was teaching sixth graders in a local
religious education program and wanted
to make a rosary these public school
kids would be proud to own and use. 
With help from the HOLY SPIRIT,
I came up with a design consisting of
oxbone beads strung onto a genuine
U.S. Army surplus combat boot lace. 
What 12 year-old wouldn't be proud
to own one of these? 
Before I knew it, I was making Combat
Boot Lace Rosaries for adults too.
Now,we strive to make rosaries that are not only attractive and unique, but also rugged enough to provide daily use for a lifetime. 
Our current rosary beads and crosses are made from various materials found in nature, including ox bone, semi-precious stones,
exotic woods, and oyster shells. 
Most of our corded rosaries are made
using nylon seine twine, the same
stuff used in commercial  fishing nets. 
This cord is very strong and flexible. 
We also use Kevlar,  the strongest and most fire retardant commercially available thread.
It is about 2½ times stronger than nylon or polyester, has no stretch, and will not melt. 
The Cursillo crucifix is our favorite. 
It is also known as a budded, or trefoil cross. 
 Each end of the cross has three "bumps" which symbolize the
The reverse of many of these crosses contains the Greek symbols, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, along with the symbol for CHRIST, Chi-Rho. 
Our oyster shell cross has a pearl embedded in its center. 
The Knots have significance. 
The first, located above the cross, has seven
turns to remind us of the Seven Sacraments. 
The knot at the "Y"  has ten turns to
remind us of the Ten Commandments. 
All other knots have three turns to help us keep the BLESSED TRINITY
in our hearts and minds.
An Owner's Manual  Virtually every item of significance, including toasters,
tools and televisions come with a booklet
of instructions for use of the product. 
Our rosaries are no exception.  
We  include a booklet explaining 
how to pray the rosary.  It contains all twenty of the mysteries and the words to all prayers recited with the rosary.  We find it helpful and hope you will, too.
Our #1 goal  is to give honor and glory to GOD through Our Blessed Mother. 
We want you to be so pleased with your rosary, that you won't want to put it down
and will want to use it for daily prayer. 
Please include us in your
prayer intentions. 
We'd really appreciate it.
Finally, as you go through this web site,
if you have any questions, feel free to
send us a note by going to the
"Contact Us" page and filling out
the electronic form; sending an email
or post a note via USPS (snail mail). 
We're always glad to help.
GOD bless,
Joe The Rosary Guy
© 2010 Our Lady's Rosaries
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